Separating Signal From Noise

At the end of last year, we predicted that 2015 would be another successful year for equity investors, but cautioned that gains would be hard-fought and ...

Should You Sell Your Bonds?

With the stock market hitting new highs, it time to get rid of bonds? Q&A with Greg Kaplan, Director of Fixed Income for City National ...

Beyond 2015: What kind of returns should investors expect?

At City National Bank’s Economic Forecast and Market Update in Beverly Hills, Chief Investment Officer Bruce Simon discussed the factors influencing investor returns on equities, from improving economic fundamentals to stock market valuations to wild cards such as investor psychology.

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Why You Need a Digital Estate Plan

No one should be caught dead without a will or trust to dispose of money and property. But what about digital assets – email accounts, Facebook posts, YouTube videos and other online resources?  Should you have a plan in place for handling those after you are gone?

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