alt systems

Content is king, and nobody knows this better than ALT Systems' Jon Guess.

Since founding the company in 1995, Guess has grown the Burbank-based systems integrator into a powerhouse that provides compositing, networking and storage solutions that keep things moving in the post-production digital pipeline. That includes high-profile Super Bowl spots, feature films, and episodic and series television.

"For example, we provide the solutions that allow the director to do some basic color correction to the dailies, back them up and then put them out on iPads for multiple people to review," Guess explains. "Then, our systems assist in getting all of that digital material back to post."

ALT Systems is the go-to solution provider for media and entertainment heavyweights such as Deluxe, Technicolor, CBS and IMAX. Top vendors are represented, including Black Magic, Avid, Color Front and Autodesk's Creative Finishing products.

A Case for Working Capital 

Like many businesses, ALT Systems faces a formidable need for working capital. "We carry inventory, and our vendors expect net-30 terms while our clients typically pay net 60," Guess says. "CNB came in, assessed my business and immediately saw what the problem was. In near record time, I had an SBA loan and additional credit facilities to meet our needs. That has continued since 2011. They have monitored our performance and have increased the credit facility several times, and are in the process of increasing it again."

Guess credits ALT Systems' success to an unwavering commitment to exceptional client service. "We will crawl over broken glass to serve the client. Our engineering teams are out in the field, sometimes working around the clock. When something delivers on the East Coast, we have folks up at 4 a.m. to serve them."

So, it should come as no surprise that Guess appreciates the exceptional level of personal service he receives from CNB.

"My wife and I were in Germany last year. We got hit with a variety of issues — wire issues, check issues," Guess says. "Jessica at CNB knew we were out of the country. I emailed her, and she helped us get through the day. She basically functioned like an employee for the day. No other bank does that. It is truly personal banking like I've never seen."

That's a Wrap

Ultimately, Guess says he enjoys doing business with a people-driven bank. "With other banks, you feel like you're dealing with a computer terminal. Everyone always says, 'Let me get back to you.' I'm a very loyal person. I don't switch banks on a whim. City National has demonstrated their worthiness and loyalty to me. They truly are personal banking."

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