City National CEO Russell Goldsmith was on the Business News Network, Canada’s popular business news channel, on Tuesday to discuss how the merger with Royal Bank of Canada is going nearly one year after it closed on Nov. 2, 2015. In a 12-minute interview with anchor Jon Erlichman, Goldsmith talked about recent successful deals with RBC U.S. Wealth Management and Royal Bank of Canada’s U.S. Capital Markets division.

He specifically pointed to:

  • Continuity and growth
  • New hires
  • Joint opportunities between the companies

“I think the vision that RBC had in reaching out to City National … was that they were missing, if you will, the third leg of the stool. They had a terrific capital markets business, a very strong wealth management business, but they didn’t have the critical private and business banking piece that City National could bring to bear,” Goldsmith said on the program. “What you can see us doing carefully, deliberately but I think pretty aggressively is growing City National to partner up with RBC’s extensive U.S. businesses.”

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