global trade

In today’s interconnected world, the market for American goods and services is truly international. But learning the ropes, forming the necessary business relationships and getting the financing to be a successful exporter isn’t easy.

Entrepreneurial companies have turned to City National Bank for many years to get started and grow in international markets. The bank’s expertise includes working capital financing for export receivables, structuring complex trade transactions using government or private sector credit insurance for clients selling into high-risk emerging markets, online management of international transactions and information as well as a wide range of risk mitigation programs to minimize payment risks as well as accelerate cash flow.  City National’s foreign exchange advisors guide clients regarding hedging currency risks in over 70 currencies, including trade transactions settled in renminbi, the Chinese currency.

Now, City National Bank has been named one of the country’s Top 25 banks for global trade by GlobalTrade magazine in its December 2015 issue.

“We’ve worked hard to put together an outstanding team of international banking and trade finance experts and our service model, and our clients have been telling us how happy they are with us. We’re proud to see that recognized,” said Steve Bash, senior vice president and manager of City National’s International Banking and Trade Finance. He and his team emphasize customized solutions for clients, with the goal of helping them make their companies financially successful. “We want to help them maximize their global potential,” Bash said.

City National Bank’s global network of like-minded associates – foreign banks, consultants, logistics specialists, supply chain managers and other experts around the world - has proved especially useful in solving problems such as long waits for documents or payments. “We have those personal connections, so we can pick up the phone and call the right person to make sure the service gets done for our clients,” Bash said. 

Read the December 2015 article that recognizes City National Bank in GlobalTrade magazine.