These reports highlight the biggest venture capital deals in the quarter, as well as the industries, companies and players behind the deals.






Venture Capital Report - Silicon Valley - Q3 2015

Venture capital funding for start-ups in the Silicon Valley region slowed sharply in the third quarter after a second-quarter surge, amid a steep drop in big deals for companies in San Francisco. 

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Venture Capital Report - Los Angeles - Q3 2015

Venture capital investments in Los Angeles County surged in the third quarter, bucking a downtrend in Silicon Valley to the north.

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Venture Capital Report - New York - Q3 2015

The wide diversity of New York City's business start-ups was on display in the third quarter, even as venture funding totals slipped from the previous quarter's heady pace.

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Venture Capital Report - Boston - Q3 2015

Boston claimed the No. 2 spot in the tally of top U.S. venture capital destinations last quarter, as the region's biotechnology start-ups remained a huge draw for global investors.

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Venture Capital Report - Orange County - Q3 2015

Orange County's venture capital investment scene reignited last quarter after cooling markedly over the previous year.

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