April is financial literacy month. And teaching financial literacy is part of our DNA at City National.

  • We launched our Dollars+Sense financial literacy program in 2009 and we currently teach it to K-12 students at 250 schools in L.A. County.
  • We have also expanded the curriculum to young adults and adults with lessons in both English and Spanish.
  • Over the past eight years, more than 480 of our colleagues have put in 14,000 hours teaching Dollars+Sense, which gives students a head start on understanding finance and managing money.
  • This spring, we're launching a financial wellness website that includes lessons on savings, budgeting and investment.

"We are so proud to support this initiative," said Mike Cahill, executive vice president and general counsel of City National Bank. "Community outreach is very important to City National Bank so this was an easy decision for us."