June 29, 2018

Samy's Learning Curve

Samy Kamienowicz emigrated to Los Angeles in 1957 to work for his uncle at Bel Air Camera. After nearly two decades, Samy and his wife, Hedy, opened their own full-service camera store, Samy's Camera, in 1976.

Today, Samy's has more than half a dozen stores throughout California. The firm recently opened a Burbank outlet geared specially to the digital cinema industry. The company's flagship store, on Fairfax Boulevard, features three floors stocked with photographic, video and electronics equipment and a busy rental counter for professionals.

Over the past three decades, Samy and Hedy survived the 1992 Los Angeles riots, during which their store burned to the ground, and adapted quickly to the industry transition from film to digital cameras. Throughout the years, Samy and Hedy have stood by their commitment to deliver top-notch customer service.

The couple, who recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, talk about their entrepreneurial journey in this video.

This is part of our series called "Learning Curve: Overcoming Challenges On The way up®."As the bank for entrepreneurs, City National is proud to support business development and financial solutions for growing firms like Samy's Camera. Each video in the series will highlight the entrepreneurial achievements of a business that started small and achieved success through hard work and an enterprising attitude.

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