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August 28, 2020

The Resilient Economy During COVID Uncertainty: Weekly Market Update

The S&P 500's recent all-time high reflects market and consumer confidence that the country will move past the coronavirus pandemic next year, aided by unprecedented government and private-sector efforts to make a vaccine available by early 2021, according to City National Bank's investment leaders.

Robust demand for housing and cars also underscores U.S. consumer strength, despite the high unemployment and deep health concerns created by the lethal outbreak, the team said.

"Confidence is the key," said Garrett D'Alessandro, CEO of City National Rochdale, the bank's investment advisory organization, during the team's weekly market update.

Awaiting the Vaccine

Under Operation Warp Speed, a public-private program to accelerate the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, early doses could be released by late this year with production ramping up in the first quarter of 2021, according to information from the Department of Defense and Evercore ISI.

Should there be a significant delay — six to 12 months — “the stock market and the economy would probably experience a meaningful correction," D'Alessandro said.

Operation Warp Speed - Vaccine Chart

What's driving the economy?

City National Rochdale's leaders cited a mix of encouraging and troubling developments related to the pandemic, stock market and economy.

The S&P 500's recent high was driven largely by "fantastic technology companies that drive the digital economy," D'Alessandro said. Investors look forward to a "very, very strong" economic rebound in 2021.

With valuations high, Rochdale's leaders continue to expect a market correction and are surprised it hasn't happened yet, although the timing is difficult to predict, D'Alessandro said.

Despite high unemployment, consumer net worth has reached a record high as well, buoyed by high savings rates from emergency government stimulus checks and gains in home prices and stocks, according to the Rochdale team.

It anticipates further layoffs and bankruptcies from mid-sized and large businesses. However the U.S. economy is recovering more quickly than other countries, D'Alessandro said.

High household net worth bodes well for the economy heading into 2021, City National Rochdale Chief Investment Officer Tom Galvin said, noting that the government's extraordinary economic response to the pandemic and shutdown lifted U.S. household income to record levels.

Citing St. Louis Federal Reserve data, Galvin said roughly a third of consumers saved their stimulus checks, just over half used them to pay down debt and 15 percent spent the money. A decline in savings to pre-pandemic levels would increase spending by 11 percent, even without higher income, he said.

Chart showing that despite job losses, households have the capacity to spend.

"Our view on the economic front: Continue to expect growth through 2021. Housing should continue to be a solid contributor to economic activity going forward," he said, noting low interest rates, a shift to nesting at home and urban dwellers moving to the suburbs.

Citing multiple sources, Galvin called the recent U.S. recession the first with little or no effect on the housing market.

Chart showing that the housing market is still strong.

Tracking COVID

Meanwhile, coronavirus cases and hospitalizations continue to decline nationally, with more than 90 percent of the U.S. population living in states with transmission rates below one, meaning the spread is declining, D'Alessandro said, citing data from

Chart showing that the covid cases are continuing a downward trend.

While Spain and France have seen coronavirus flareups after large social events lacked proper social distancing and protective masks, these cases probably don't constitute a second wave in Europe, D'Alessandro said, citing Bloomberg data.

Chart showing that some countries in Europe are experiencing more COVID cases.

With Operation Warp Speed, he said, "we're really moving ahead" on developing a vaccine with the global scientific community, including multiple pharmaceutical companies doing "outstanding work" on compressing into a few months a process that typically takes one to three years.

The first vaccines won't be perfect but should be somewhat effective, D'Alessandro said, predicting that Phase 3 vaccine trial results will start to appear in the next two months.

The Political Year

Rochdale's investment leaders cited recent polling data indicating the Democratic Party could gain seats in the U.S. Senate — currently controlled by Republicans — which likely would bring significant policy changes, given that Democrats are likely to hold onto their majority in the U.S. House.

“With the prospects of a Democratic sweep, we think it's prudent to start planning ahead," even if the sweep doesn't materialize, Galvin said.

Chart showing the current polling data for the US Senate election.

For Your Consideration

City National remains underweight in U.S. mid- and small-cap stocks and European equities while favoring high-yield bonds, U.S. high-dividend and growth stocks, emerging market Asia equities, and alternative assets.

Given low rates on investment-grade bonds, high-yield municipal bonds are attractive, offering significantly higher income potential, Galvin said, citing data from multiple sources.

“While munis may not be for everyone, the income advantage is compelling," he said.

Chart showing the income potential on high yield bonds.

Anindya Chatterjee, senior vice president and lead portfolio manager, Fiera Capital, joined the update to discuss emerging market Asia equities, noting that they offer risk diversification and access to a significant part of the global economy.

“Much of emerging Asia has managed to contain the pandemic better than the U.S. Businesses are trending back to normalcy," Chatterjee said.

EM Asia drives global economic growth but is underrepresented in equity markets, he said, noting that Fiera prefers local consumer brands supported by the region's rising middle class.

Asian resiliency and fundamentals confirm the market's long-term value, Chatterjee said.

Chart showing the composite holdings of Fiera Capital

As far as client strategies, Rochdale portfolio manager Rachael Crane noted that City National seeks to optimize holdings for lifetime income by adjusting spending and asset allocation levers, revisiting client goals each year rather than relying on a traditional asset allocation approach.

Clients often see their goal as maximizing wealth at retirement and then shifting to conservative investments, but this can limit their spending potential and lower their portfolio balances faster, she said.

Chart showing the increased likelihood of meeting income needs during COVID.

In today's low-interest-rate environment, clients may not reach income and other goals without adjusting asset allocation, according to Crane.

D'Alessandro noted that the Federal Reserve indicated interest rates may stay low for up to four more years. "This is an unprecedented experience for fixed-income investors," he said.

In this election season and always, City National Bank and its investment advisory organization, City National Rochdale, remain committed to delivering objective, non-partisan market analysis and investment guidance, with the goal of helping our clients make informed financial decisions.

In these turbulent times, City National encourages you to review your investment portfolio with your advisor. Contact our financial professionals today to ask questions and receive help with your wealth planning needs.

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