Econonic & Investment Series: Forecasting Biden's Post-Covid Economy

May 12, 2021

2021 Economic and Investment Series: Forecasting Biden's Post-COVID Economy

Welcome to the second installment of our 2021 Economic and Investment Series, hosted by Russell Goldsmith, City National Bank and RBC Wealth Management-U.S. Chairman, and Kelly Coffey, City National Bank CEO. To view the full event, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Section I: U.S. Economic Outlook in 2021 and Beyond

Looking back over the first 100 days of President Joe Biden's administration, Goldsmith examines the economic impact of new policies and proposals, the rollout of the stimulus and the future of the labor market with Christina Romer, who chaired the President's Council of Economic Advisers from 2009 to 2010 and is currently a professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley.

Section II: New Policies and Market Implications

Following Goldsmith and Romer is a roundtable discussion with Coffey, Romer, Lori Calvasina, head of U.S. Equity Strategy at RBC Capital Markets, and City National Rochdale CEO Garrett D'Alessandro. The discussion ranges from the market implications of Biden's policy priorities to current market valuations, inflation risks and the future of GDP growth.

Full Video

To view the entire event from beginning to end, click on the video below.

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