February 12, 2019

Investment Strategies from the Economic and Investment Forum

The economic expansion that began in 2010 is now in its ninth consecutive year. By nearly every measure, the U.S. economy today remains fairly strong, even as we are seeing some signs of weakness that weren't here a year ago.

While economic conditions remain fairly solid, rising interest rates and uncertainty about how much further they will go up have created some anxiety and caution for investors, business owners and home buyers.

During the next five years, it is likely that it will be more difficult to see returns than in the previous five years - forcing investors to get creative with their portfolios.

In this informative panel discussion, our experts share their thoughts on the investment outlook for 2019 with emphasis on three key sectors: Internet, entertainment and real estate.

  • Mark Mahaney, lead technology analyst at RBC Capital Markets, provides his take on internet trends, noting that 2019 is the year of OTT (over-the-top) — content providers that distribute streaming media as a standalone product directly to viewers over the Internet — and what it means for FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Alphabet) stocks.
  • Steven Cahall, head of media research at RBC Capital Markets, discusses Disney's streaming shift and what it means for the stock. He also predicts this year will be a major year of mergers and acquisitions within the entertainment industry and discusses how that may influence key stocks.
  • Mark Forbes, executive vice president of Real Estate Banking at City National Bank, discusses the affordability index, and how supply impacts residential investing and the opportunities that exist with multi-family properties.
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