Happy New Year to all and thank you for watching Global Perspectives last year. As a way of congratulating those who showed up to work this week we thought we'd have a bit of fun with some Foreign Exchange trivia questions to test your FX knowledge.

So here we go!

What is the daily volume of the FX market today? Choose the closest dollar figure.

a) $1 trillion

b) $3 trillion

c) $5 trillion

d) $10 sextillion

What accord, signed after WWII, pegged currencies to the price of gold?

a) Louvre Accord

b) Plaza Accord

c) Bretton Woods Accord

d) Honda Accord

Which country does NOT have a fully floating exchange rate system?

a) USA

b) Germany

c) China

d) Estonia 

Which of the following currencies was the most volatile in 2018?

a) US Dollar

b) British Pound

c) Argentine Peso

d) Greek drachma

What is the biggest reserve currency in the world?

a) Chinese Yuan

b) Euro

c) US Dollar

d) Bitcoin

What is the nickname for the Canadian Dollar?

a) Northern Greenback

b) Arctic Quid

c) Loonie

d) God Save the Queen

How many hours a day is the FX market open?

a) 8 hours

b) 16 hours

c) 24 hours

d) Infinity

What determines the value of FX forward rates?

a) FX forecast

b) Same as spot

c) Interest rate differentials

d) Crystal ball

Where does the majority of the FX market take place today?

a) On the exchange

b) Via telephone

c) Via electronic trading

d) At church

What is a "dirty float" exchange rate structure?

a) When the exchange rate is determined by OPEC members

b) When the exchange rate is completely fixed to the USD

c) When a central bank occasionally intervenes in the FX market

d) When traders yell dirty language to another party and transact FX

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