Doing business internationally today may be more rewarding — and perhaps even more challenging — than it has been in recent memory. On the plus side, the world economy provides endless opportunities for businesses to grow and create new ways of doing business — and international supply chains are more efficient and more technology-enabled than ever.

But with U.S. trade policy uncertainties, global power structures shifting and long-standing treaties coming under new scrutiny, business owners are understandably unsure about what to expect as they enter into new business relationships with companies around the world.

We surveyed our international banking and foreign exchange business clients to identify opportunistic trends and uncover challenges that may affect those that do business internationally.

The results we received were informative. A few highlights:

• The top threat identified to initiating or expanding international activity was supply chain disruption resulting from “foreign retaliation to U.S. policy."

• The most important factors impacting a company's success internationally were: the value of the U.S. dollar; finding the right overseas partners; and the stability and predictability of political and economic conditions in foreign countries.

• Most respondents said they do not use credit risk insurance or guarantee programs when selling internationally because they don't feel there is a need for such backstops.

If you do business internationally now or aspire to do business internationally, this survey is a useful resource.

View the key takeaways.

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