Mary Anne Rooney, the first woman commissioner at the Port of Hueneme, talks about the port’s upcoming expansion, its importance to the local economy and her relationship with City National Bank.

On expansion: The Port of Hueneme was established in 1937. For the future, we look to expanding our reach down into South America, to Peru and to Chile, and to combine with our local customers – to bring them in and connect them here to the Port of Hueneme.

Local economy: We bring in about 300,000 cars a year here, and enough bananas to go around the world 12.5 times. One thing people may not know is that we bring in about 40 percent of the state's squid. The Port of Hueneme is a great asset here, and I want to see how we can expand upon that, build stronger relationships with our community and with the Navy, and really make it something that everybody in the county was aware of, and that they could be proud of.

Her career: I was elected the first time in 2010, as the first female commissioner here at the port. I think growing up with three brothers helped me to connect with the folks out here in a very male-dominated area. But they've been very welcoming, and we've been able to work together very well and bring that diversity of opinion that I think has been beneficial.

The environment: It's important for us to be good environmental stewards. We have the largest single project that reduces emissions here at the port. We've established a shore-side power project where the ships come in, and then they plug in to our power. So they can run from the grid, and reduce the amount of emissions from any fuel that they would burn traditionally when they're sitting at the dock.

City National: We have been fortunate to enjoy a great business relationship with City National Bank for more than 10 years now, and I appreciate all the experts that work together with us.