Q&A with Greg Kaplan, Director of Fixed Income for City National Rochdale

Q. With the stock market hitting new highs, it time to get rid of bonds?

A.  Absolutely not. There is always a place for fixed income in a portfolio. Since March of 2009, we’ve had a steady rally in the stock market. Yet fixed income has also provided some nice returns. The two are not correlated at the moment since both have been supported by low rates. We don’t expect market rates to rise much this year. While we do expect the U.S. Fed to start increasing short-term rates later this year, we expect them to do so slowly over an extended time period.

Q. What about high-yield, especially munis? What’s your outlook there?

A. There’s still a good opportunity in high-yield municipals. While most of the low-hanging fruit from 2014 is gone, there is still a good income play and credit trends are positive. On a tax-adjusted basis, relative to other producing investments, this is your best strategy.

Q. What about California municipals for a California resident?

A. For California residents, 100% of your bond portfolio should be in California municipals. The State of California as a credit has seen a solid, upward trend and the spreads on California’s General Obligation (GO) bonds has tightened steadily for several years. Local municipalities are also strengthening. We may see some headline risks, and we are watching oil prices, which could impact Kern County credits, as well as the port situation. But all in all, we feel things are looking very good with California municipals. City National manages about $5 billion of municipal bonds, and of those, about 60% are California credits.  

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