Solid Banking Relationship Computes for IT Reseller

There's more to being a successful IT equipment broker than simply buying low and selling high.

Just ask Hildi Gutman-Beyor. As president of San Diego-area HGB Marketing, Inc., Gutman-Beyor is a major player in the IT secondary market, brokering the sale of used and refurbished computer hardware.

Working the phones, the Internet and an enviable list of contacts, Gutman-Beyor identifies companies seeking to unload obsolete systems and matches them with businesses in need of equipment. That could run the gamut from a mixed lot of laptops to a data center's worth of routers.

The business model is straightforward. There's no equipment to warehouse, and almost all of the removal, installation and repair/upgrade work is farmed out to a crack team of suppliers.

But for Gutman-Beyor, it all boils down to relationships, reputation and integrity. "My word is my bond," she shares. "People want to do business with me because they know I'm going to make the deal happen and that I have the funds to back that up."

A big part of having the funds she needs rests in having a banking relationship that brings value to her business. "As a small business owner, I've always done everything myself," she explains. "I never really had someone who could look at the finer details of the money going in and out."

Enter Barbara Eltzroth, branch manager at City National's Solana Beach Office. "Barbara started making introductions to some people who really took an active interest in my business," Gutman-Beyor notes. After a visit with Rafi Ahmed at City National's International Banking department, for example, HGB was able to establish foreign currency accounts to better capitalize on cross-border transactions. "I took their recommendations, and the first time I utilized the service, I saved about $3,000 by paying my supplier in euros instead of dollars."

She also received help with a frustrating retirement planning issue. "I had been trying for years to set up an additional pension fund, but the accountants and pension people kept telling me that I was top-heavy and couldn't put more away. Well, City National Bank came in and introduced me to a pension company that has allowed me to save a lot more for retirement, when others said it was impossible."

In the end, Gutman-Beyor says the key to her success lies in making herself indispensable to her clients. In the process, she says she has learned that having a solid banking ally is equally indispensable.

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