What are some of the biggest challenges of being an entrepreneur today? Can sharing "lessons learned" help business entrepreneurs overcome business obstacles? Can success be determined by the people you put around you?

City National Bank brought five Los Angeles business entrepreneurs from various industries together for conversations about these and other questions, including:

  • How does social culture impact business culture?
  • What kind of business advice do entrepreneurs need most?
  • How do you vet people to be on your team?
  • What is the danger of the "yes man"?
  • Who do you call first when you come into a large sum of money?

Participants include: Reginald Hudlin, CEO of Hudlin Entertainment; Jennifer Houston, managing partner at Makai; Kim Watson, president and co-founder of Groupie Inc.; Mike Cano, CEO of Latino Digital Solutions; and Allison Samuels, author and journalist.

For the full video series, see City National Bank's conversations.