City National Bank presented its Annual Economic & Investment Forum in January, together with RBC Capital Markets and RBC Wealth Management.

The forums, held in New York City, Beverly Hills, San Francisco and Orange County, were designed to deliver valuable information on the U.S. economy to City National and RBC clients.

City National Chairman and CEO Russell Goldsmith welcomed attendees at the events and discussed his view of the U.S. economy and some policies that Washington should adopt to foster stronger economic and job growth.

  • Increasing federal funding and cost-effective incentives for local and state governments to invest in America's infrastructure.
  • Reducing some of the regulatory burden on American businesses, including the responsible reform – but not the repeal – of the Dodd Frank legislation.
  • Reinventing worker-training programs to enable under-employed Americans to get trained for good jobs in a 21st century economy, which requires more skills and better education due to technology and globalization.

Also at the events, RBC Chief U.S. Economist Tom Porcelli discussed the U.S. economy in detail and the potential impact of policy changes.

Political consultants Mike Murphy and Paul Begala shared their views about where the new presidential administration and Congress are likely to take the country in the next four years.