February 11, 2019

Who Do You Call First When You Come Into A Large Sum Of Money

Whether they are signing high-paying clients or contracts — or selling their businesses — successful entrepreneurs are likely to come into large sums of money while running their companies.

The first phone call you decide to make when that situation happens to you could determine whether the money continues to grow or if it disappears as quickly as it came in.

We brought together five Los Angeles entrepreneurs from various industries to share their thoughts and advice on who to call when you earn a significant amount of new money for your business.

Participants include: Reginald Hudlin, CEO of Hudlin Entertainment; Jennifer Houston, managing partner at Makai; Kim Watson, president and co-founder of Groupie Inc.; Mike Cano, CEO of Latino Digital Solutions; and Allison Samuels, author and journalist.

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This video is for general information and education only and is provided as a courtesy to the clients and friends of City National Bank. It is compiled from data and sources believed to be reliable, however City National Bank does not warrant that it is accurate or complete. Opinions expressed and estimates given are those of the speaker as of the date of publish with no obligation to update or notify of inaccuracy or change.